Some of you may already know Ennio, our reception manager and the team member who has been with us the longest, for so long that he inaugurated the hotel with us.

He is from Italy and speaks Italian, German, Spanish and English. In addition, in his free time he is a DJ at some bars of Barcelona and loves to sing, so we guarantee you that you will be in good tune with him.


Daniel has been part of Musik Boutique team for 5 years and we are so lucky to have him as our receptionist! Daniel is the only Catalan in the team so he is the one who knows most about Barcelona and its traditions.

His favourite hobbies are gardening hiking, cycling and travelling.



David is our handsome Italian-French receptionist. A little shy but very well-mannered, David will always welcome you with a smile at Musik. We love his smart sense of humour and his willingness to help his teammates on any occasion. David loves biking and is in charge of the maintainence of hotel bikes!



Glenn is from the beautiful Venezuela and is our night receptionist that you can always count on, even when you feel like having a coffee at 3 AM or a glass of wine to beat the jet lag. Glenn is very passionate about traveling and takes any opportunity to enjoy a quick getaway. He is a real adventurer!