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Best bars in El Born

El Born neighbourhood is one of the most popular and lively areas of Barcelona. Known for its narrow cobbled streets, unique shops and impressive historical monuments, El Born is an ideal place to stroll, shop and enjoy a good meal or drink while soaking up the city’s cosmopolitan and vibrant atmosphere.

One of the neighbourhood’s main attractions is its wide range of bars and restaurants, of all types and tastes, which have made it the trendy place to have a drink or a snack. From traditional bars with a relaxed and cosy atmosphere to more modern bars with spectacular décor and a wide variety of beers, wines and cocktails, El Born has something for everyone. In the following article we present some of the best bars in El Born, all of them close to Musik Boutique Hotel.

Best bars in El Born

Bar del Pla

Bar del Pla is one of the best bars in El Born, and its close location near the Picasso Museum makes it a great place to eat or have a drink after visiting the museum. It is a traditional bar with a great history in the city, for many years it has been a meeting place for the neighbours of El Born. In this establishment you will find a wide variety of tapas and traditional dishes, perfect if you want to immerse yourself in the magnificent gastronomy of Barcelona. With a very cosy atmosphere and a simple but effective decoration, you can enjoy good food and drink in an unbeatable location. What’s more, if you want to enjoy the sun and the atmosphere of El Born, you can also do so on its open-air terrace. If you’re more of a classic type, you can eat your tapas at the main bar while you watch them being served.

La Cervecería Catalana

The name doesn’t fool anyone and you can (more or less) already get an idea of what this bar’s strong points are and what you can expect from it. The Cervecería Catalana is known for its wide selection of beers, both local and imported, as well as its tapas menu and other traditional Catalan and Spanish dishes. With a lively atmosphere and perfect service, this establishment is ideal for enjoying a more informal meal surrounded by friends or family.

El Xampanyet

If you’ve been looking for things to do in El Born or have even the slightest idea of what you’ll find when you arrive in the neighbourhood, you’re sure to have read this name before. El Xampanyet is not only a classic, but also one of the neighbourhood’s reference points when it comes to restaurants. This place never seems to go out of fashion and year after year thousands of people continue to visit it to try its cava and tapas. Not only is it one of the oldest in El Born, it is also one of the most popular with locals and tourists alike. There can often be some queues and it can be difficult to find a table, which is why we recommend that you go early or at off-peak times. There, you can also enjoy its open-air terrace while watching the pleasant bustle of the streets of El Born.

La Vinya del Senyor

La Vinya del Senyor: This bar is known for its large selection of wines and wide variety of tapas and traditional dishes. The atmosphere is relaxed and welcoming, with simple décor and an outdoor terrace perfect for enjoying a drink in the summer. La Vinya del Senyor is the perfect place to enjoy an informal meal with friends or family.

Vermouth in the Born

Vermouth is a deep-rooted tradition in Barcelona, but it is in El Born neighbourhood where it has become most popular and has become an attraction and reason to visit. If you’ve never tried it before, you should know that vermouth is an aperitif drink made from fortified wine, absinthe and spices, and is usually served with a slice of lemon and an olive. Traditionally, in Catalonia it is also served with a syphon so that everyone can carbonate it to taste.

The tradition of vermouth in Barcelona dates back to the end of the 19th century, when this type of liqueur was first imported from Italy. Since then, it has been a very popular drink in the city’s bars and restaurants, especially at the weekend, when it is common to have a vermouth with friends or family before a meal. This act has become a real tradition, as you can see if you walk around the city on Sunday.

As we were saying, El Born neighbourhood is known for having some of the best vermouth bars in Barcelona. If you want a quick answer, you can simply scroll up a few lines in this article, as the Xampanyet, Bar del Pla and Vinya del Senyor are some of the establishments where you can have a good vermouth in the neighbourhood. However, here are some other ideas to experience vermouth in El Born:


Another option whose name does not deceive. At Bormuth you will find a restaurant with an exceptional quality-price ratio where you can taste the best traditional tapas and vermouth of the best quality in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Café Kafka

Café Kafka, located a few metres from the Mercat del Born, is a place with an entity halfway between a literary café and a Saint Germain bistro that represents the bohemian and cultural, Mediterranean and avant-garde Barcelona of the 21st century.
Want a more alternative option? At Kafé Kafka you’ll find the most bohemian Barcelona and cultural atmosphere in the city. In this place, which is very close to the Mercat del Born, you can have a vermouth surrounded by an avant-garde and literary atmosphere.

Restaurant Club Bananas

Restaurant Club Bananas is not only a place where you can enjoy a great fusion cuisine menu, it is also a place with a great atmosphere, good music and where you can enjoy a vermouth either inside or on the terrace. In short, El Born neighbourhood is an ideal place to enjoy the vermouth tradition in Barcelona. But if you’re tired after a full day of sightseeing and strolling around the city, another comfortable and quality option is to have a drink at the bar at Musik Boutique Hotel, with a wide range of drinks and local and imported liquors.

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