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Shopping in El Born, Barcelona 

Barcelona is a city full of life and has a great amount of areas to go on a shopping spree. However, if you are looking for a unique and authentic shopping experience, then El Born neighbourhood is the perfect place for you. El Born is a historic neighbourhood known for its narrow streets and special atmosphere, as well as being the epicentre of the city’s gastronomic and social life and where Musik Boutique Hotel is located. But beyond all the trendy bars and restaurants you can find in El Born, it is also necessary to talk about one of the main attractions of the neighbourhood: the wide range of independent shops and top brand stores that make it an ideal place to go shopping in Barcelona. In El Born you’ll find a wide variety of shops ranging from clothes and accessories to books and home decor. In the following article we explain everything you need to know about shopping in El Born.

Shopping in El Born a local and independent experience

El Born is like a maximiser of everything that Barcelona has to offer, all the atmospheres of the city resonate and are magnified across its narrow streets. That’s why the neighbourhood is the spearhead of most cultural and gastronomic movements. However, in El Born we find that the most modern and ground-breaking establishments cross paths with those that have stood the test of time and remain steadfast in their tradition and savoir faire. At the end of the day, the most common type of shops in El Born are independent artisan/designer/antiques, with a very marked discourse of their own and far removed from the imposed artistic and fashion canons. Would you like to know more about some of the most representative shops and establishments where you can buy some clothes or a souvenir of your time in the city? We’ll tell you more about them.

Clothes shops in the Born

With a simple stroll around El Born you can see what we mean when we talk about the attractiveness and originality of the neighbourhood. A multitude of shops, workshops and galleries open their doors with exquisite decoration, a unique atmosphere and a captivating energy. In these shops you can find everything, and that’s the beauty of shopping in El Born. Established brands, emerging designers, second-hand shops, luxury brands… A dream for all those with good taste in fashion and money to spend.

Those who know the rich commercial network of the Born recommend wandering through the streets of the neighbourhood to discover unique shops and establishments in every corner. This is just a small sample of what you can find.

  • Lucía Blanco, located at Montcada 27, offers clothes by independent designers from the city.
  • Agua de Mayo at Argentería 43, features women’s clothing, footwear and accessories by renowned Spanish designers.
  • Room at Flassaders 31, offers designs by designer Maria Roch and other designers.
  • Loisaida on Flassaders 42, is a shop offering own-brand clothing collections, international collections and recycled and second-hand clothing.
  • Cortana at Flassaders 41, is a women’s fashion shop with a wide selection of sophisticated garments and accessories.
  • Míriam Ponsa at Princesa 14, is a Catalan designer with a great international projection who offers her own designs.
  • Natalie Capell in Carassa 2, is a shop that offers romantic vintage-inspired dresses for stylish and elegant women.
  • Custo Barcelona in Pl. de les Olles 7, is a Catalan benchmark for contemporary fashion.

Shoe shops in El Born

Beyond clothing, there is also room for footwear (and for art, crafts and everything else you can imagine). But as we don’t have time to make an exhaustive review of all the establishments in the city, we prefer to focus on fashion and footwear (which is already!) and leave you with a list of the main establishments:

  •  Casa Munich (Calle Antigua de Sant Joan, 4). Famous Catalan urban footwear brand.
  • Vialis (Vidriería, 15). Modern footwear brand that places great value on design and comfort.
  • Nu Sabates (Calle de los Cotoners, 14). Shoe shop with designs created and handmade from California, made with Italian leathers treated with natural dyes.
  • La Manual Alpargatera, specialising in handmade espadrilles and known for being the oldest espadrille shop in Spain, with a history of over 190 years.

In short, El Born neighbourhood is an ideal place to shop in Barcelona. With its wide variety of independent shops, vintage shops and gourmet shops, El Born is the perfect place to find a unique and authentic shopping experience. 

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