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The best coffee shops in Barcelona

Barcelona, the vibrant Catalan capital, is not only globally known for its modernist architecture thanks to artists like Gaudí, its beaches and sunny climate, and all the cultural offerings it has to offer, but also for its coffee culture. In the following article, join us to discover the best coffee shops in Barcelona, where you can immerse yourself in the city’s rich coffee tradition while enjoying a delicious variety of coffees, from the classic espresso to the most innovative creations by local baristas. Are you ready to join us on this exciting journey? Then join us as we explore the most outstanding coffee shops that Barcelona has for you!

Charming coffee shops in Barcelona

Are you tired of the typical commercial coffee shop chains that are all over Barcelona? Would you like to discover charming coffee shops to enjoy a good dose of caffeine? If you want to leave behind all those places that are all the same and discover new ones, exploring their coziest corners and discovering what makes them so special, you are in the right place:

  1. Bicioci Bike Café

First on our list of charming cafes in Barcelona is Bicioci Bike Café, a café dedicated to cycling enthusiasts. From the moment you step inside, the cycling theme envelops the entire atmosphere, from the walls decorated with photos of mountain landscapes to the tables that look like recycled bicycles.

But this place is not only attractive for its themed decor, but also for the quality of its products. Here, customers can indulge in a variety of homemade pastries, the best coffees, and a series of sweets to enjoy a great snack, delighting even the most exquisite palates. In addition, the smoothies and natural juices are a refreshing and healthy option to accompany the cycling experience.

  1.  Nabucco Tiramisú

The next café we want to highlight is the well-known Nabucco Tiramisú, a place located in one of the most charming neighborhoods of the city. Thanks to its high-quality products, with homemade cakes and sweets, this café has gained great popularity among the locals. One of the main reasons for its success, in addition to its careful decoration, is its famous tiramisú: considered by many as the best tiramisú in the city. If you are passionate about this type of dessert, you can’t miss the opportunity to come and enjoy this culinary marvel. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

  1. Espai Joliu

Describing itself as a ‚Plant Concept Store,‘ Espai Joliu merges into a cozy café, a store with exclusive products, an inspiring art gallery, and a great display of plants that creates a truly special atmosphere. When we talk about Espai Joliu, we are not just talking about a simple café, but a space that perfectly combines several key elements. It is the ideal place to meet friends and enjoy a good cup of delicious coffee, while accompanying it with delicious bagels, bowls, vegan donuts, and everything you can imagine for a great snack. In addition, its decoration makes this place one of the most „Instagrammable“ and beautiful in the Ciudad Condal.

  1. Café Cometa

The next place we want to mention as one of the charming cafes in Barcelona is Café Cometa. In the world of brunch, it has been one of the reference sites in Barcelona for years, and it is one of the favorite options for citizens to enjoy a good snack along with a delicious coffee. One of the main reasons for its success is its commitment to zero-kilometer products and homemade food. Upon entering this cozy place, visitors are greeted by a decoration that combines bold colors with the warmth of wood, creating a cozy and lively atmosphere. The walls are adorned with numerous prints that add a touch of unique personality, reflecting the passion and care with which every corner of the café has been designed.

Best coffee shops in El Born

El Born is a historic neighborhood of the Ciudad Condal and one of those places you shouldn’t forget to visit in Barcelona. In this picturesque corner of the city, there are hidden gems that the Catalan capital has to offer for coffee lovers. Join us as we explore the best coffee shops in El Born,     .

  1. Nomad

We start our list of the best coffee shops in El Born with one of the most well-known establishments in the neighborhood. Nomad is more than just a simple café; it is a true temple dedicated to coffee. Here, coffee lovers find a cozy refuge where they can explore, experiment, and enjoy a wide variety of preparation methods, from the classic espresso to the most innovative filtering techniques. Nomad is recognized as one of the city’s main coffee roasters, supplying most of Barcelona’s specialty coffee shops with its exceptional coffee. Upon entering this space, you will be greeted by an elegant and modern design, with carefully crafted aesthetics revolving around an imposing coffee bar that becomes the heart of the place. So come and join the coffee enthusiast community at Nomad, where every cup is a masterpiece and every visit is an experience to remember.

  1. Alsur Café

In the second place on our list of the best coffee shops in El Born, we have Alsur Café. Although there are 3 locations in the city, our favorite is the one in Plaza San Cugat, in the center of El Born. Enjoy delicious cups of coffee and great breakfast options. In addition, Alsur Café is one of the most popular places due to its exceptional brunch, which is served every day of the week, making it the ideal place for a relaxed meal at any time of the day. The most captivating aspect of this place is its spacious terrace, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, situated in one of the secret corners of El Born. Without a doubt, Alsur Café is an oasis of peace where you can relax while enjoying a good cup of coffee and something delicious to eat.

  1. Demasié 

With its charming location in the heart of the Plaza de la Catedral de Santa María del Mar, in the picturesque neighborhood of El Born, Marc and Miquel, fourth-generation pastry chefs, together run one of the best coffee shops in Barcelona if you love sweets. In addition to its delicious coffee, Demasié has everything to satisfy all kinds of palates: cookies, muffins, smoothies… although the main jewel on the menu is its famous „cinnamon rolls,“ which come in over 15 different flavors. Having a good cup of coffee, accompanied by a delicious pastry, and enjoying the wonderful views offered by the Ciudad Condal. Is there a better plan? Don’t hesitate and come to discover this hidden gem in El Born!

  1. Federal Café

To end our list of the best coffee shops in El Born, we highlight Federal Café, a must-visit for true coffee lovers, especially for brunch enthusiasts. Located in an impressive restored building that merges the old with the contemporary, Federal Café has an enviable charm that invites you to sit and enjoy a pleasant time. From the moment you step inside, you are enveloped by the tempting aroma of its carefully selected and expertly prepared coffee. Its breakfast and brunch menus include dishes to start the day with energy, with vegan and gluten-free options that cater to all tastes and dietary preferences.

Coffee shops for working in Barcelona

Finding a quiet place to work or study in a bustling city like the Ciudad Condal seems like an impossible task. However, we have a series of coffee shop options for working in Barcelona that you will surely love:

  1. Coco Coffice

As its name suggests, Coco Coffice is much more than just a coffee shop; it is an oasis for those seeking a quiet and productive place to work in the busy city pace. By renting the space by hours, days, or even months, you can enjoy all its services and work while enjoying a good cup of coffee.

  1. Little Fern 

With a spacious, carefully decorated space and abundant natural light, Little Fern presents itself as the perfect setting for working or studying as quietly as possible. In addition to its relaxed atmosphere, you can satisfy your hunger with its delicious selection of dishes or enjoy a hot cup of coffee to boost productivity.

  1. SOLO Coffe Bar

This charming venue with a terrace on the bustling Passeig de Sant Joan has all the comforts and the utmost attention to detail that you can imagine. With multiple charging points available, you will never be short of a place to recharge both your energy and your computer. Whether you are working on an important project or simply enjoying a conversation with friends, you will find the perfect space here to relax and enjoy a good coffee.

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