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How much is a taxi from Barcelona airport to the city center?

Unlike many other airports around the world, Barcelona Josep Tarradellas Airport (BCN) is located  just 12 km from the city center. In addition, it has multiple and varied connections. Depending on the means of transport you choose, travel times vary. However, almost all transfers are completed in about 30-40 minutes. For many travelers, the cab is the most comfortable option, especially if you want to go from door to door. That is why it is common to ask how much a taxi from Barcelona airport to the center-  where Musik Boutique Hotel is located– costs,  to be able to anticipate and avoid surprises. Here we answer this and other questions that may arise once you have arrived in Barcelona. Let’s find out!

How much is a taxi from Barcelona airport to the city centre?

One positive thing about Barcelona airport is that we can reach the city center in just 20-30 minutes. Obviously, it depends on some external factors such as traffic or the place you are going to, but as a general rule, it is usually not more than 30 minutes.

We know that taking a cab is the most comfortable and fastest option to get to your destination, but how much does a taxi from Barcelona airport to the city center cost? In order to give you the most accurate answer possible, it is necessary to understand that in Barcelona there are different cab fares depending on the time zone and your destination. It should be noted that at Barcelona airport cabs are in operation 24 hours a day, however, depending on the time of day they can be somewhat more expensive. Below we explain how the fares work so you can find out how much a cab from Barcelona airport to the city center can cost you:

  • T-1 fare: this is the daytime fare during weekdays. It is active from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Daytime fare from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and covers the entire metropolitan area of Barcelona (you would do well to familiarize yourself with the acronym AMB). Its price is 1.21€ per kilometer traveled.
  • T-2 fare: this fare is active at night during weekdays, i.e. from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am, and all day during holidays, including Saturdays and Sundays. Its price is €1.45 per kilometer.
  • T-3 fare: this is the rate with a closed price, and is reserved only for those trips that are booked via mobilethe AMB cabs app. The minimum price is 7 euros, but there is no standard fare. 
  • T-4 fare: this is a fare with a fixed price of 39 € that applies only for journeys from the airport to Moll Adossat (cruise terminal) and from Moll Adossat to the airport.

Beyond the mileage rates, there are other supplements that may be charged depending on the origin and destination of the trip or the number of passengers. In the case of going from Barcelona airport to the city center, a supplement of 4,30€ is charged. So, to make an estimate of how much a cab from Barcelona airport to the city center costs we must add: (Distance in Km x 1,21 or 1,45 depending on the timetable) + 4,30€ + 4,30€ (if you are more than 4 passengers). 

Do you want us to make it easier for you? We’ll do it with an example of a trip from Barcelona airport to Musik Boutique Hotel, located in El Born. The hotel is located 16 kilometers away from the airport, so if we were to take a cab for 4 people on a Wednesday at 14:00, the fare would be 23,66€. If we did it at night or on a holiday it would cost us 27,5€.

You don’t need to know these rates before getting into the cab, in fact, all official cars have these rates stuck on the side window. But knowing them will help you to know how much the trip will cost you quite approximately.

Is it easy to get a taxi from Barcelona airport?

Yes, catching a cab at Barcelona airport is very easy. Barcelona cabs are very easy to spot because of their distinctive black and yellow colors, which makes them unique in the world. Moreover, at Barcelona airport -whichever terminal you land in-, you will find a perfectly signposted cab rank. Depending on the time you land, you may find a queue to catch a cab, but the queues are well organized and you will hardly have to wait more than 10 minutes to get into your cab.

Are taxis expensive in Barcelona?

Although it is obviously more expensive to travel by cab than by other types of public transport such as the metro or bus, for short trips within the city of Barcelona, cabs are not expensive. Even more so if  2 or more people use it and you can split the bill. You must take into account that, compared to other big cities like London or Paris, Barcelona is very small. Therefore, the journeys within the city itself are usually not very long.


Another positive aspect of the city is that the cab sector is highly regulated, so all the cars you find -the typical black and yellow taxis-, have the same rates, which are set by the government.

How much is Uber from Barcelona airport to city?

Is Uber cheaper than a taxi in Barcelona?

Considering the very nature of the Uber app, it is difficult to answer the question of whether an Uber is cheaper than a taxi in Barcelona. Surely the most accurate answer is to say: it depends. Uber has a wide price variation depending on supply and demand. So, while the cab always has the same rate -whether you take it walking alone on the street or leaving the Camp Nou after a football match and the street is crowded- uber will vary greatly depending on the situation. In cases where demand is very low, Uber can be cheaper than a cab, however, in times of high demand prices can skyrocket.

How to get from Barcelona airport to the city center?

The cab is not the only way to get from Barcelona airport to the city center, as we said before, there are several ways to get from the airport to the city center suitable for all tastes and budgets.


Surely the most popular option is the bus, both for its ease -one leaves every 10 minutes- and its price -5,90€-. This is a 35-minute semi-direct route from the airport to Plaça Catalunya, stopping only at key points such as Plaça Espanya, Gran Via-Urgell and Plaça Universitat.


For a few years now, the airport itself has had a metro stop, so now you can go from the airport to the center of Barcelona with this transport. The ticket price is 4,5€, but you should know that to get to the city center (Plaça Catalunya, for example), you will not be able to do it directly, but you will have to change lines.

Private transfer

You can book a private pick-up at the airport to be attended from the first moment you set foot in Barcelona. In fact, at Musik Boutique Hotel we offer this possibility to all our guests. The price of this service is 75€ and to hire it you just have to add it to your reservation or send us an email to In order to complete the booking of the service, we will only need to know in which terminal you are going to land, the flight number and the estimated time of arrival.

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