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Barcelona & El Born Guide

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Best Street food in Barcelona

Street food is one of the main attractions in Asian and Latin American countries. But what many people don’t know is that Barcelona has become a hotspot for many restaurants offering this type of fast food, which allows you to sample the best flavours of the city.

At Musik Boutique Hotel we want to introduce you to street food in Barcelona. This way, you can live the full experience of visiting one of the most emblematic cities in the world and, for this reason, we present you the best street food in Barcelona.

Top 5 street food in Barcelona

Street food is characterised by the fact that it is good, inexpensive food that is prepared with minimal infrastructure and can be eaten at any time and in any place, without the need to sit at a restaurant table. This is a good option for all those visitors who want to try the best Catalan gastronomy and that of other parts of the world, without having to waste time during their visit.

These are the 5 best street foods in Barcelona that will allow you to fill your stomach with energy and your palate with new flavours.

Nomad Road

Nomad Road is one of the best street food in Barcelona. It’s a Southeast Asian street food bar, mixed with the best tapas establishments in Barcelona. The place doesn’t look anything like a typical restaurant with elaborate food, but rather a colourful corner of homemade street food, where you can sit at one of the little tables or order to take away. 

All their dishes are affordable and they cook the most traditional Asian recipes in a strict way, as they know each of their food well. Their dishes are characterised by flavour, abundance and colourful presentation.

Direkte de la Boqueria

When it opened, Direkte de la Boquería was one of the smallest gastronomic establishments in the city, but today it has a fourteen-square-metre terrace. You’ll feel like you’re entering the home of Arnau Munío, a chef who has worked with such gastronomic greats as Carles Abellán and Albert Adrià.

This street food place is located next to the Boquería and offers very affordable menus of traditional Catalan food with a very modern and avant-garde touch. It’s an experience not to be missed in Barcelona.

Món Viet Barcelona

In Vietnam, street food is the result of the need of its inhabitants to eat on the street on the run, to carry on with the day’s tasks, but don’t worry because in this street food establishment you can stop for a little longer. Món Viet Barcelona‘s cuisine is made with a lot of love and behind every dish there are the traditional recipes of Anne’s family, the chef.

They offer some delicious dishes such as Pho Soup, the most traditional Vietnamese ramen. It is a broth that takes five hours to cook and has some alternative versions, such as the vegan option. This place plays with contrasts between fried and fresh food, stir-fries and steaming and, of course, its succulent sauces.

Fast Eddies

Fast Eddies is a street food restaurant in Barcelona that is making a big splash in the Born neighbourhood. The small place seats only 18 people, so we recommend you order to take away. On the menu you will only find 5 options to eat, as it is their specialty burgers that will allow you to taste the most intense and delicious American flavour.

We can say that Fast Eddies is a place like you might imagine the first Fast Food restaurants in the United States. A place with few options to choose from, which offers the best quality in each of its ingredients. We recommend you to try their Cheese Burger or their Fried Chicken Sandwich, you won’t be disappointed!

Caravan Made

Caravan Made is one of the most original gastronomic proposals in Barcelona and offers different styles of food with a very street and daring air in reference to the city in which it is located. This restaurant has arrived in Barcelona after having participated in the main events and festivals that have taken place in the city.

It has managed to gather a large number of followers, which is what encouraged the owners to open this trendy little place. You can’t leave without trying their BBQ Butter Chicken sandwich or their French Onion Grilled Cheese sandwich. They will be a real treat for your taste buds.

The best street food in Barcelona

The most cosmopolitan city in the region of Catalonia has positioned itself as one of the best places to eat in the most appetising way and with the best-valued street food recipes. This is thanks to its gastronomic variety and the culinary quality offered by the locals, even if they are street food or take away.

You can find street food places all over the city, but one of the essential places to visit is the Boqueria. This is Barcelona’s central market, where you’ll find a large number of establishments offering the city’s best recipes, so you can order take-away food and enjoy it at the central communal tables.

If you go with a group, everyone can order the dish they fancy the most at that moment, and then share the experience together. It’s also a great way to meet new people and strike up interesting conversations.

If you’re a fan of street food and you’re looking for the best festivals, we recommend you check out Eat Street, an international food festival in Barcelona that focuses on quality street food at a good price.

In conclusion, Barcelona is one of the best cities where you can try street food. 

If you are planning your getaway to Barcelona, take a look at our accommodation Musik Boutique Hotel, located in the heart of the city, as it will allow you to taste the best gastronomy, visit the most emblematic places and soak up Barcelona’s culture to the fullest.

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